About Me


I am an ambitious game designer with a love for creating fresh gameplay experiences. As a recent graduate of Vancouver Film School I'm hungry for a chance to prove myself. I'm driven to gain a challenging position at a progressive company where I am able to create rich gameplay experiences and grow my skills as a designer.

Growing up I had an obsession with building, virtually the only toy I played with (other than hot wheels of course) was Lego. This was and still is my favourite toy.

After becoming obsessed with Quake I discovered Worldcraft and taught myself how to use it. This was the first time I was able to create content for a game I loved, I was instantly addicted. Years and several computers later I discovered the power of newer engines, and editors. Some of the bigger ones were UDK and CryEngine.

Since coming to VFS I have honed my skills in UDK and learned a wide variety of new tools, most notably Unity.